A New Approach

The Experience

Your attorney should empower you.

Your business is important. Your creative vision has meaning and value. You need an advisor who can perceive that value and match your ingenuity.

My goal is to see your goals come to life. This means working closely with my clients to develop tailored legal strategies that protect your ideas. It means open and continuous communication, education, and brainstorming. It means making informed decisions and making the best use of my expertise and experience.

It means making you a part of the process and taking away the fear and uncertainty that the legal system creates.

           Your attorney should put your interests first.

Your past experience has introduced you to attorneys who won’t return calls or e-mails, or who bully you into pursuing a particular course of action that makes you uncomfortable. You’re worried that you will receive a bill that vastly exceeds what you’re able to pay. You are worried that your attorney will work against you, or make things worse.

No one should fear getting help. My priority is accessibility. This means returning calls within minutes or hours, not days. It means working in a digital environment that keeps me in touch with my clients 24 hours a day. It means up-front and project based pricing that works for you. It means advising you of your options and helping you plot the course without taking control away from you.

It means putting your interests before mine and giving you the confidence you need to succeed.

            Your attorney should fight for you.

You need an advocate with knowledge and fearlessness, and the wisdom to balance the two. You need an adviser who will help you move on with your life when legal problems threaten to take over. You deserve honesty, morality, and unwavering loyalty.

My gift to my clients is integrity. This means fighting for you tooth and nail, but fighting honestly. It means taking the high road and never backing down. It means helping you make difficult choices with your eyes wide open.

It means defying the stereotype while approaching problems pragmatically, expediently, and ethically.



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